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Vendors for Southern VA

Baby, infant and pre-school toys designed and created to encourage a child’s learning and curiosity

kites and outdoor wind products, glass collectible minature figurines

Home of the original foot launched air propelled stomp rocket


Safe, high quality, innovative products that get kids interested in sports and provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Dot art markers will spark imagination and awaken creativity as young artists discover their own unique artistic style

From the masterful maze manipulations of Quoridor, to grabbing gooey Gloobz, to fruit flipping frenzy in Tutti Frutti, Gigamic always means fun!

America’s leading provider of craft and activity kits

Quality infant and pre-school toys that promote creativity and discovery

European importer of sand, water, vehicles, playsets and DARDA race sets

Make It Real manufactures and distributes beautiful, compelling product for tween girls around the world.  Surrounding every product that we produce is a content experience that gives young women a window into the real world of design and creativity.

Groovy Girls, Wimmer-Ferguson, Whoozit, MTC plush brands for birth to ‘tween

Licensed and fashion products to keep your store fresh and on the front end of trends

Your one source for balsa wood airplane kits and flying toys since 1926

Toys that occupy, entertain, and educate

Puppets of all shapes and sizes, including finger puppets, glove puppets and full-body puppets


Leading manufacturer of top of the line jigsaw puzzles and games for pre-schoolers to adult


A unique collection of toy products that offer a variety and distinctive appeal to children and adults

Innovative science kits that provide children a basic foundation in science in a fun and engaging way

Quality products that promote active play for indoor and outdoor fun

Offering fun novelty toy and pickup items

See the new Magic Stick – Magic Wand with levitation power

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