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About High Five Inc.

High Five, Inc’s unique philosophy and structure allows us to give a level of service our customers and manufacturers expect. Our award winning group is based on six organizing principles.

handbullettallComplete Management
– The majority of sales companies have one principal. We have two principals that share in the sales and management. The result is well-rounded, better-managed territories that are fully concentrated on sales.

handbullettallOn the Road – Our philosophy is to maximize our sales people’s road selling time. To do this, we have a central office that processes the vast majority of each sales person’s sales information. This allows the sales people to be more focused on selling.

handbullettallDedicated and Concentrated Representation – Our sales team has been together for most of our 21 years in business with each responsible for a specific class of trade within their territory. Whether it be specialty, mid-tier or big box, each rep is fully engaged with their customer base.

handbullettallCustomer Communication – We publish through Constant Contact, a monthly informational “High Five INK” that reaches 700+ customers. Our newly designed web site,, gives customers continual access to vendor information including e-catalogs, specials, form & policies as well as new uncatalogued items.

handbullettallVendor Appreciation
– Both Chris Reynolds and Dana Barnes have a background in manufacturing and corporate sales management. This gives us a unique perspective in that we understand the difficulties manufacturers sometimes suffer and can articulate this to our sales people and customers. This ensures a positive progression of everyone’s business.

handbullettallPartnership – We are business partners with our manufacturers and customers. We share the common goal of advancing every ones business.


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